The Terracotta Army

And the First Emperor of China.

The exhibition is an extraordinary voyage in Ancient China of 2,200 years ago. It is, undeniably, the most complete exhibition ever created on the Terracotta Army, the necropolis and life of the First Emperor. In an incredible staging, this exhibition brings together more than 300 life size reproductions of statues, chariots, weapons and objects from the daily life of the First Emperor of China, such as they were discovered in the more than 100 pits of the necropolis.

They have all been reproduced by Chinese craftsmen from the excavation region, with a particular consideration for details in order to maintain the beauty and originality of the original works. The realism of these reproductions is reinforced by the environments and a spectacular audio-visual and lighting installation.

Terracotta Army and the Necropolis

There are more than 300 reproductions of objects exposed over 18,000 square feet, divided into 11 different galleries: terracotta statues, war chariots, armors, potteries, coins, objects of daily life, and much more. All of these objects are accurate replicas.

Characteristics & Elements

  • A full reconstruction of one of the Terracotta Army pits – pit Nº 1 to be exact – with the presence of 170 statues, a scenery, video and sound effects.
  • The hidden tomb of the First Emperor, not yet exhumed! The exhibition recreates the tomb, just as today’s archeologists imagine it based on modern geophysical studies and writings from Sima Qian, the great historian of ancient China.
  • Audio guides that narrate the tale of the first emperor of China’s fabulous epic and Terracotta Army.
  • Didactic panels in every room that provide explanations regarding the exhibitions themes and objects.
  • Multiple videos that cover a variety of subjects are projected as an introduction to the exhibit and key panels in the exhibit.
  • Geographic maps and photos that evoke China, its ancient history and landscapes.
  • An 8 feet high bronze statue of the first emperor of China.
  • Merchandising, including the exhibition catalogue, books, CD’s, statue and object replicas, exhibition poster, and much more.


Fabbrica del Vaporeo

Milano, Italy

7 November 2019 – 8 April 2020

Basilica dello Spirito Santo

Napoli, Italy

25 October 2017 – 2 September 2018

V&A Waterfront

Cape Town, South Africa

10 December 2016 – 12 February 2017

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